Sandwich Capreolus

junio 10, 2021

by Sander Herbosch | Photos: Stefaan Rotthier


Backstrap of roe


Small grill or castiron skillet


½ French baguette
Some leaves of fresh lettuce
Couple tomato slices
½ chopped red onion
2 tablespoons roasted onion
2 tablespoons parsley
1 theespoon lemon zeste
Black pepper & seasalt

Homemade curryketchup

4 tablespoons ketchup
2 tablespoons fine olive oil
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 theespoon cumin
1 theespoon tabasco
1 theespoon turmeric
½ theespoon garlic powder l
A pinch of cayenne pepper
A few drops of lemon juice

Each year, belgian hunters look eagerly out to the month of may. In the southern part of our country, the first of may is the start of a very short period in which we can hunt roebucks. It only lasts for a month, but is the perfect opportunity to manage the population of roe to give the big, mature bucks the space they need with not to much rivalry. Ambassador Stefaan Rotthier asked me to join him once again for a weekend in the woods near the hunting cabin. As usual, I was his personal chef and it definitely would again be a very pleasant weekend off. During march and april, we already placed some trailcams to see where the bucks were hanging out. Signs were pretty good!

To give our hunting trip a new dimension and to spend a maximum time in the woods, I made the necessary preparations for an amazing and tasteful lunch in the forest.

Of course, this recipe is also completely suitable to prepare at home. In no time you’ll serve a very flavourful meal!


1. This do it yourself curry ketchup is a sauce full of powerfull flavors. You may use it plentiful, but make sure you don’t overkill the sandwich. Put all your ingredients in a bowl en mix everything together. Put the sauce in a small jar.

2. Peel some lemon zeste, wash it and cut it in small dice.Wash the parsley and chop finely.Add the roasted and mix it all together.

3. Wash and cut all the other ingredients to your liking and put them in a small jar of box. This way, you’ll work faster when you’re in the woods.

4. Bake your french baguette or make a quick stop at your local bakery.


5. Chose wisely a spot where you can make a small open fire. Doing so, start packing out your preparations from the day before.

6. Season your meat with pepper and salt.

7. When your fire has taken off well, place your grill or skillet and put in on the fire. Place some butter in the skillet and bake your backstrap of roe. For us, the best way is medium.

8. When your meat is cooked to perfection, get it out of the skillet, place in a side and let it rest for a few minutes. Now add your finely chopped oninos in the same skillet and let them caramelize. At the same time, put your french baguette near the fire. This way, it’ll take up some of the heat and you’ll have a nice crispy and slightly warm piece of bread.

9. By now, the time is right to put it all together! Start by spreading a nice amount of ketchup on your baguette. Place the lettuce and tomato on top. Slice your meat and place it on the lettuce and tomato followed by the caramelized oninons. You finish off your sandwich with the mixture of lemon zeste, parsley and roasted onion.

Note: When making an open fire, always make sure you’re allowed to and there is no high risks involved in starting a wildfire. Always act safely and be cautious!

Enjoy your meal!

Sander Herbosch | Photos: Stefaan Rotthier