Ground Forest - Extreme and Extended System

We’ve said it before: We love solving problems, and the immense challenges of hunting in extreme cold weather present them in unlimited quantities. Hands freeze up, zippers ice over, and fabric sounds like a herd of elephants on dry leaves. We meet the challenges of hunting in frigid temperatures head-on with our Extreme & Extended Exposure Systems. We’ve designed gear that allows you to comfortably spend extended periods of time in the field when the mercury drops and your target is elusive. The more time you can take, the greater your chances for success. Extreme & Extended Gear affords you time and comfort, so you can focus on what matters most.

Durable & uncompromising for when the hunt takes you far off the beaten path and dynamic weather is your nemesis. Our Extreme and Extended collection is designed to protect you from the harshest weather mother-nature can dish out. Hours glassing for deers, in the QUAD for weeks preparing the feeders and checking the cameras, or guiding or pursuing mooses and wild boars in the harshest ranges the world over, the Extreme and Extended collection is your armor against the elements.

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