Elevated II - Early Season

Typically, wild boar hunting happens when the grass is dead, the leaves are falling, the November sky is gray, and your breath becomes a frigid fog the moment it leaves your mouth. What wild boar fanatics don’t always share is that bigs are sometimes most abundant in the early season. The leaves and underbrush are still thriving, which makes trail blazing inevitable, and temperatures can still soar. Lightweight fabrics that can take a beating while enabling maximum mobility and breathablility are a must. Our Early Season Systems respond brilliantly to all these needs.

The longer you’re quiet, the better your chances of success. Our Elevated II System honors this truth with pieces patterned to fit close to the body — making long, extended sits bearable. Anchored by our core layering system, our Elevated II outerwear pieces strike a balance of warmth and silence. We’ve increased loft without added weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that create noise.

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