Elevated II - Mid Season

For wild boar hunters, a new season means months of hard work, along with a healthy dose of optimism and ample excitement. When the rut hits, staying out for extended periods through all weather conditions increases your odds of cashing in on the blood, sweat, and hours you’ve given to the field. Our mid-season systems will keep you comfortable in the stand for as long as it takes to land the wild boar that makes it all worthwhile.

The longer you’re quiet, the better your chances of success. Our Elevated II System honors this truth with pieces patterned to fit close to the body — making long, extended sits bearable. Anchored by our core layering system, our Elevated II outerwear pieces strike a balance of warmth and silence. We’ve increased loft without added weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that create noise.

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