Ground Forest - Light and Fast

Our Light & Fast Systems merge cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and rugged durability so you can go further, stay longer, and get closer. We know the definition of “light and fast” can differ from hunter to hunter. For some, it’s cutting off the handle of the toothbrush or leaving the tent behind to save weight and space. For others, it’s hitting the trail after work and hurrying to get position on that herd bull who’s been frequenting the same remote mountain bowl. That’s why we designed our Light & Fast gear to have extreme flexibility and accommodate every situation and hunting style.

Lightweight, packable and designed for warm weather pursuits. The Light and Fast collection is built for speed and e¬ciency. Shadow the herd, sleep in a deer bed and put those training days to use while maximizing your time afield. The Light and Fast collection is performance oriented the hunter with high activity in the season of the roe deer or the courting of the deer.

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