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F1pro Elmax

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There are survival knives, and then there are real survival knives. Our basic models F1, S1 and A1 have served us since the end of the last century and due to their outstanding quality and durability, they will continue to do so for many years to come. Despite this, it has been our ambition to strive for continuous improvement and this has led to the new Pro series that takes the concept of survival knife to new heights. We started developing these impressive knives in 2010 and five years later we were finally able to offer three survival knives that set a new standard for how a real survival knife should look and work: the Pro series.

To put it simply – a knife is a blade and a handle. But if this important tool is to be both strong and keep the sharpness well, you must use really advanced materials and have a long and deep experience when it comes to being able to make knives for tough tasks. If you also want to claim to call a knife “professional”, you take on a great responsibility towards the user. The Pro series can do that.
F1pro/elmax differs from its predecessor (F1pro/CoS) in the following important details:

The blade in laminated cobalt steel is replaced by a solid blade made of powder steel, Elmax SuperClean from Uddeholm, Sweden. It gives a blade that is 20% stronger and that keeps the sharpness significantly longer.

Compared to our first series of knives (F1, S1, A1):

The blades are consistently thicker, which gives an increased torsional rigidity – they can withstand even greater stresses than before.
The tapered tang is wider and thicker and thus much stronger.
The crossguard is made of stainless steel and permanently mounted on the tang.
The convex edge has been refined for improved cutting properties.
The newly developed zytel sheaths are strong and easy to adapt to the MOLLE system.

Of course, this knife ends up in a higher price range. But, given the outstanding quality, it is by no means overpriced. A professional survival knife should work in all weathers and we really mean all. It should also be comfortable, safe and convenient to handle whether it is used for fine or rough work, in desert heat or polar cold. Believe us, we have considered everything in the design of this stylish, advanced survival knife.


  • Steel: Elmax

  • Hardness (HRC): 61-62

  • Edge: Convex

  • Tang: Protruding broad tang

  • Handle material: Thermorun

  • Sheath: Zytel

    • Weight, knife only (g): 176

    • Blade length (mm): 100

    • Blade thickness (mm): 5

    • Total length (mm): 217

    • Finger guard Stainless Steel

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