Fällkniven F1eaf



Swedish Air Force Zytel Sheath
It is no secret that the Swedish Air Force since 1995 uses Model F1 as its official survival knife but, what many do not know is how the sheath looks and where the knife is kept. For the first time ever (Dec. 2018) we can therefore show pictures on this! The knife is stored in a specially made plastic sheath in a small leg pocket on the right thigh or just where you have the best access to the knife in a crowded position. There the sheath is held in place by a push button and, as you pull down the zipper, you can grab the handle and pull the knife out of the plastic lining.

Note that in this embodiment, the knife/sheath cannot be applied to a waist belt, instead it works very well to put the knife in a leg pocket, not so common in the Nordic countries, but very common in central European countries. This sheath has no additional locks that our regular zytel sheath has got, but sits deep and secure through friction in the tight plastic sheath.

See photos for reference to how the sheath is used/fastened in for example pilot suites. PLEASE NOTE! This “pouch” is not available for the civilian market. The photos are only to illustrate how it can be used.

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